Heat-insulating, fire-resistant, fibrous products and energy-saving technological solutions
Fire-resistant thermal insulation
Supply and installation of environmentally safe high-temperature materials


PROMATEKHNOLOGIII manufactures and supplies a wide range of heat-insulating refractory products, thermal furnaces, heating elements and is an official dealer and importer of the main range of products offered.





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Keeping warm - reduce costs.

Products supplied by the company meet all technical requirements and combine reasonable prices and high quality. Specialists will provide qualified answers to questions regarding the characteristics, selection and application of materials. We know how to ensure energy saving in the conditions of your production.

Why us

Acceptable price of our products

We are an importer or an official representative of the manufacturer of the main range of products, so we can offer a competitive price on the market. In the case of large volumes of supply and long-term cooperation, a system of additional discounts is considered.

Product and material quality guarantee

All products supplied are manufactured in factory conditions in accordance with the requirements of GOSTs, TU. Confirmation of conformity is reflected in the certificates and passports of quality of factories - producers. Imported products undergo environmental control and meet the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

A convenient method of payment and delivery

Make an application for the purchase of materials by phone, Viber, e-mail and specify the delivery method convenient for you: express transportation (New Post, Night Express, Delivery, In-time, Sat, Bridge Express, etc.) or by container delivery through the logistics department of our company. Shipment is made on the day of payment.

Help in choosing products

The company's specialists will give qualified recommendations on the selection and installation of materials, which are selected depending on the operating conditions of the heat unit, the temperature regime, and the intended purpose of the installation.